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In a world where super villains run the streets and it’s a superhero’s job to tame them, Thom’s ex-superhero-but-superpower-less father despises two things: superheroes and homosexuals. Unfortunately, Thom is both of the above.

Perry Moore’s novel Hero describes the tale of a basketball superstar’s journey to becoming the next major superhero.

After his first accidental ‘save’, he is approached by Justice of the famous superhero League, and is asked to try out.

In the process of becoming a superhero, he meets some eccentric characters who coincidentally become his teammates; Miss Scarlett who influences fire, Ruth is a composed old woman who sees the future, Typhoid Larry has the ability to make anyone sick via touch and Golden Boy is a demoted sidekick given the position of their team leader.

Thom deals with his (literally) invisible mother who reappears in his life, his strong-minded father, and battles with problems concerning his sexuality. Not only does he discover himself, but he gives his team the opportunity to learn about themselves – each and every one of them carries their own secret.

The book entices you within the first pages, and as the tale unfolds it’s not hard to fall in love with the characters. We learn about their history, strengths and weaknesses through excellent dialogue and descriptive writing.

Hero has a little something for everyone – superheroes, sports, cliché love, life lessons, feisty characters, mysterious murder, gossip-girl secrets and dramatic action scenes.  A strong book with powerful themes and a dose of immature superhero action proves this novel to be an unfailingly exciting page turner.

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