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Bored out of your mind: How boredom psychologically affects adolescents

No Comments 25 June 2014

Picture yourself sitting in a waiting room, listening to the loud ticking of a clock and glancing out the same window you have been for the past hour, only to find the trees lightly swaying in their usual positions and the old man sitting across the street still waiting impatiently for his bus. You are […]

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The psychology of psychopathy

2 Comments 30 April 2014

It is fairly conventional for images of serial killers, axe murderers and Norman Bates prototypes to manifest whenever the word “psychopath” is mentioned. However, psychopathy is a much more complex disorder which is not only detected in the criminally insane, but is found to be common in many members of wider society. A study conducted […]

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Shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist

No Comments 08 September 2011

The relationship between money and happiness may not be so distant after all. Research indicates that there are many benefits to ‘buying happiness’ health-wise and psychologically.   Here’s the situation – you failed an exam, big time. Say afterschool, you have a choice to either sit in your room to sulk and study, or go […]

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